Gayle voices his support for int’l cricket in Pakistan


As the decision on Bangladesh tour of Pakistan delayed yet again, the West Indies explosive batsman Chris Gayle chipped in with his views and backed Bangladesh to tour Pakistan.

Representing Chattogram Challengers in the Bangladesh Premier League for the latter half of the tournament, Gayle said Pakistan is a safe place to play cricket.

“Pakistan is one of the safest places right now in the world. You will get presidential security so you are in good hands,” he said in a press talk in Bangladesh.

He compared the situation in Pakistan to Bangladesh.

“I mean, we are in good hands too in Bangladesh, Right???” he claimed.

Gayle, who is 40 years old, has hinted that he may continue playing franchise cricket till the age of 45 as he still retains the same passion for the game despite playing for 20 years.

“A lot of people still want to see Chris Gayle out in the middle. I still have that love for the game and that passion for the game. I would love to carry on as long as possible in T20 and franchise cricket as well. I still play a few games here. It would be nice to play in the next T20 World Cup. Like I said the door is open for a chance. Let’s see what happens,” he said.

He says he is feeling better and younger as the days go by,

“The body is feeling good and I am sure I am getting younger as the days go so I am looking forward to it. 45 is a good number. Lets’ talk at 45. I think that’s a good number and my first number. I just think I am on the slow side a bit. You know, plan my life ahead. It’s been 20 years of international cricket and 20 years of cricket in general,” he added.

“So there is always life after cricket and this is the time where you can put some plans in place as well. Play a bit of cricket as well. It won’t be like back then where you play in all the tournaments and play all the games in those tournaments as well. So you have to monitor it as you go on.” he concluded.